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What is L.A.T?

Unlike traditional vitamin & supplement pills,tablets, powders, capsules, and liquids that are extremely susceptible to the harsh environment of the digestive system, L.A.T. is able to bypass these destructive elements altogether. To do this L.A.T. utilizes patented “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres which are perfectly sealed microscopic bubbles constructed from the same material as all cell membranes in the body. They are made from Pure Phosphatidylcholine (PC) derived from Essential Phospholipids. The “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres trap & perfectly seal Vitamin Supplement Molecules inside a protective bubble.photo LAT_orb_zps3413c689.png

The distinct similarities between cell membranes and the Micro-Spheres create a natural attraction. This attraction allows the Micro-Spheres to bond directly with cell membrane in the bloodstream and deliver the given vitamin/supplement Intra-Cellularly.

Because of the “Intelligent” Micro-Spheres size (only a few millionths of an inch in diameter) they have the incredible ability to completely avoid the harsh digestive elements, tricking the digestive system into not destroying, altering, or eliminating the given Vitamin Supplement. The “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres are then released into the bloodstream in complete form.

As a result of this remarkable technology, the “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres have the capacity to deliver the given vitamin supplement Intra-Cellularly (meaning directly into the cells) which vastly increased BioAvailability & Absorption, while also preventing digestive discomfort commonly associated with adequately dosed oral vitamin supplements.

Stages of Vitamin Molecule being encapsulated & delivered to the cell:

Supplement Molecule

Vitamin C Molecule photo vid_1_vitc_molecule_web_zps29004e27.jpg

Molecule inside “Intelligent" Liposomal Micro-Sphere

Liposomal Encapsulation photo vid_2_lat_web_zps4e8f45f4.jpg

Perfectly Sealed “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Sphere

 photo vid_3_sealed_web_zpscb61c0bd.jpg

Intelligent” Micro-Spheres inside the bloodstream looking to deliver their payload

 photo vid_4_bloodstream_web_0_zps16adcf9f.jpg

Intelligent” Micro-Spheres merging with Cell Walls

Liposomes at Cells photo vid_5_cell_web_zps2c2a01d6.jpg

A Liposome delivering its Supplement Intra-Cellularly

 photo vid_6_delivery_web_zpsbfa1c5af.jpg

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