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What are Intra-Cellular Vitamins? | MaxHealthLabs

MaxHealthlabs has uniquely coupled Liposomal Encapsulation with our state of the art manufacturing methods for Liposomes. The result, is MaxHealthLabs Domestically & Internationally Patented Oral Vitamin/Supplement Delivery System called Liposomal Absorption Technology ™ (L.A.T.)

L.A.T. works by utilizing “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres to deliver supplements Intra-Cellularly-- or directly into the cells of the body.

“Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres are perfectly sealed microscopic bubbles constructed from the same material as all cell membranes in the body. They are made from Essential Phospholipids derived from Pure Phosphatidylcholine (PC).

This distinct similarity between cell membranes and the Micro-Spheres creates a natural attraction that allows the Micro-Spheres to bond directly with cell membranes in the bloodstream and deliver the given vitamin/supplement Intra-Cellularly.

“Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres work in 3 modes of operation:

Use of Nanotechnology: “Intelligent” Micro-Spheres enable therapeutic agents to bypass the destructive elements of the digestive system because of their nano-size. Because of the “Intelligent” Micro-Spheres unique size, (only a few millionths of an inch in diameter) they have the incredible ability to completely avoid the harsh digestive elements, tricking the digestive system into not destroying, altering, or eliminating the given Vitamin & Supplement. The “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres are then released into the bloodstream in complete form thus enabling near 100% BioAvailability.

 Liposomal Absorption Technology

Use of Protective Barrier: “Intelligent” Micro-Spheres are microscopic spheres that form a “bubble” to fully encase therapeutic agents within. This allows the therapeutic agents to be protected from the destructive elements of the digestive system thus transporting them directly to the bloodstream and cells. Liposomes offer medical science many therapeutic advantages and are structurally and functionally one of the most versatile sub-microscopic assemblies known to man.

Use of Natural Bond and Attraction to Cell Membranes: The distinct similarities between the cell membranes and the Micro-Spheres create a natural attraction. This attraction allows the Micro-Spheres to bond directly with the membranes in the bloodstream and deliver the Vitamin Supplements Intra-Cellularly (meaning directly into the cells).

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