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Dear Golden Tiger Health Club Customer,

We made the Switch!

We are happy to announce that Golden Tiger Health Club has become one of only a handful of exclusive distributors for MaxHealthLabs Intracellular Vitamins and Supplements.

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Therefore, we are changing our Premier Liposomal Line of products to MaxHealthLabs.

Here's why!

MaxHealthLabs is the ONLY Liposomal Nutritional Company that:

  • Utilizes Patented “Opti-Mix” Liposome Manufacturing Technology. They hold 10 International & 4 Domestic Patents.
  • Developed their products to be Uniquely Great Tasting with all natural flavoring. Kids and adults love it!
  • All their high quality products are Made in the Good Ole USA at their own facility by a world-renowned liposome scientist. "No third party manufacturing"...'Everything done in house.... from custom formulation to shipping"
  • Uses only Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients: 90% + PURE Phosphatidylcholine.,
  • Their liposomal products that are TRULY Non-GMO and all natural.
  • Has real human test data that proves their products have the highest rates of absorption. - See Vitamin D Study…Vitamin C and Glutathione Studies coming soon!
  • Offers 6 Liposomal Supplements, with more on the way!

  • We made the switch… and we believe that once you try our MaxHealthLabs products, you’ll switch too because MaxHealthLabs products are THE highest quality, best tasting, most highly absorbable liposomal products on the market. The proof is in the product!


    John & Tim Coursey
    Golden Tiger Health Club

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    Liposomal Vitamin C | Nutrient Tree | Non-Soy | Free Shipping
    $24.95 (Bulk Pricing Available)
    Ivory Caps | Glutathione Complex | 1500mg | 60 capsules
    $26.95 (Bulk Pricing Available)
    Blue Ice | Non-Gelatin Capsules
    $27.95 (Bulk Pricing Available)