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About Liposomes | MaxHealthLabs

Liposomes were first discovered by British hematologist Dr. Alec D. Bangham in 1961 at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge England. Liposomes are microscopic spheres that form a “bubble” to fully encase therapeutic agents inside a “hollow” space within. This allows the therapeutic agents to be protected from the destructive elements of the digestive system thus transporting them right to the bloodstream and cells. Liposomes offer medical science many therapeutic advantages and are structurally and functionally one of the most versatile sub-microscopic assemblies known to man. The use of Liposomes is referred to as Liposomal Encapsulation within the science community.

After years of extensive research, MaxHealthLabs introduced a Proprietary Vitamin/Supplement Delivery System that uses this natural and efficient phenomenon of liposomes. MaxHealthLabs scientific breakthrough uniquely couples Liposomal Encapsulation with our state of the art manufacturing method for liposomes themselves. The result is MaxHealthLabs Domestically and Internationally patented Liposomal Absorption Technology (or L.A.T.).

MaxHealthLabs’s Liposomal Absorption Technology is the most efficient oral delivery system ever offered in the Vitamin & Supplement Industry.

Intra-Cellular Vitamins are the #1 Dr. Recommended Liposomal Vitamins & Supplements. There is no equivalent in the Vitamin & Supplement Industry……Guaranteed!

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